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Upon signing, you agree to the following
Terms & Conditions of Entry & Supply

Entry fee must be paid prior to entry and entitles you to multiple entry on the same day. Entry fee is non transferable and non-refundable. You are required to register with Australia Photo Identification or passport

  • You bring your own tools.
  • You are not permitted to undertake repair work in the Car Park
  • Dumping of waste or rubbish in the car park will attract a $1092 penalty from the City of Greater Dandenong
  • No drugs or alcohol are permitted. Any person impaired by drugs or alcohol will be refused service and entry to the yard
  • No jacks, power tools, sabre saws or oxy cutters are permitted in the Yard
  • No persons under the age of 16 years are permitted to enter the Yard.
  • No pets are permitted to enter the Yard.
  • Parts on display are used parts, have not been inspected or tested by Management and Staff as to fitness for purpose or quality.
  • You are required to rely on your own skill and judgement to decide whether or not a part is suitable, correct size and dimensions for your particular requirement, purpose or application. Management and staff do not give any undertaking that a part is suitable for a particular purpose. The choice and responsibility is entirely your own.
  • Incorrectly selected parts are non refundable (Change of Mind)
  • You may bring your own sample or photographs into the Yard to assist locating the correct part. You MUST present your sample parts to Management and Staff prior to entry for MARKING otherwise you agree to pay for any unmarked parts when exiting the Yard.
  • To check pricelist or price of part with sales staff prior to removal of part
  • To pay the Assembly Price (if you dismantle or break) an Assembly Part
  • To allow your tool boxes, pockets and bags to be inspected or searched on entry & exit by Management and Staff
  • To be prosecuted in the event of theft or willful damage to our inventory or property
  • To wear safe and sensible shoes or boots for your own safety. Bare feet, or wearing of open toed shoes such as thongs are not permitted in the Yard.
  • Walking on vehicles (including bonnet, roof, windscreen, sunroof or tailgate) is strictly prohibited for your own personal safety
  • No credit is provided. Personal or business cheques will not be accepted without prior Management approval. Payment must be made in full by CASH, CREDIT CARD or EFTPOS at time of purchase.
  • A $0.50 Service Fee applies to EFTPOS and Credit Credit Card purchases under $10. No Credit Card Surcharges apply
  • That a valid warranty will only apply where proof of warranty purchased and part belongs to the Company is established. Warranty is not offered on return of your old faulty parts.
  • Entry to this Yard (including Car Parks) is entirely at your own risk. Management and Staff do not accept responsibility for any injury, accident, loss or damage to person or property. You are aware that entering this SELF SERVE AUTO PARTS Yard to remove parts has inherent risks, dangers and hazards. Personal injury or death could be a possibility, as could occur with any personal, recreational or work activity. You freely agree to and assume this risk. Be careful and work safely
  • You will take all reasonable care whilst in the Yard, cooperate with other customers, visitors, Management and Staff, to ensure and protect the health and safety of all persons in the Yard. Accidents and incidents must be reported to Management and/or staff as soon as possible. In the event of an emergency, follow directions from Emergency Services, Management and staff
  • Management and Staff have the right to refuse entry or request you leave at their discretion without providing a reason, cause or explanation
  • Management and Staff collect and handle information including personal information, CCTV and camera footage. Refer to our Privacy Policy.
  • You understand that due to our high turnover of vehicles and parts, we are unable guarantee the vehicle or part you require will be in our Yard at any given day and time.
  • Management and staff do not install or fit your parts.

The term “Yard” contained in our Terms & Conditions of Supply & Entry constitutes the “entire titled property including Car Parks, Factory and Self Serve Yard”.